Monday, 22 October 2012

Shared Dreams


If Only You Knew
Of The Dreams I Share with You
In My Dreams, You Live there Too
Look in, See a Different View
My Life Involving You
In My World It's Just Us Two
My Heart Which Beats for You
Blind Days, Your Music sees Me Through
Every Bar Holds Something New
I See Your Soul and I Feel it True
I Can't Let Go, It is the Glue
Which Bonds My Being To You - [B.]

Hold Tight


She's Caged in From Past Lies,
Searching for Keys with Shut Eyes
Arms Stretched Out, She's Seeking
in Need of Something to Hold: Worth Keeping
Logic Heeds Caution
For Fear of the Heart's Distractions
Hopeless on Where to Go
Pulse Racing yet Her Heart Beats Slow :
Senseless, Still Blinded,
She Hears Him Calling
Steps Forward to Find Herself Falling
No More Tears, He's Erased All Fears
With His Arms Around Her Waist
His Lips are All She Tastes,
They're Ready to Take Flight,
Holding Her Close, He Whispers
"Hold Tight." - [B.]

Wednesday, 10 October 2012



I'd Return EveryTime, Without Questioning, Why?
Then, I'd Fall to the Ground Before I'd Open My Eyes.
I'd Spend Lonely Nights Before I'd Realize;
I Was Bruised Inside Out, Before I Stopped the Futile Cries.
I'd Hear You Justify It, Then Sympathize?

You'd Play God, Count My Breaths & I Knew I'd Die.
I'm a Masochist, It's Deep, I'd Never Lie...

Stupid. And Blind. And Brave. And Intense. And Addictive: If Pain is Love, Then I've MASTERED That.-[B.]



How could I deny the relation :
Our truths in expression, beyond pen and paper
I found myself in a deeper connection
A REAL man, in my eyes, Perfection
Oblivious, i followed, without hesitation,
No boundaries, I pursued lust's temptations
Faced with the realization
That our words are a gift as well as a curse
So far gone, my thoughts held me prisoner
and fed me damnation

Staring at my reflection
I plead with these WORDS for redemption
Despite my desires, i question contradiction
yet,No matter the rules, there is always an exception:
I could never abandon my fixation, it is LOVE*
Therefore it is a constant; my prescription
Forgive my ignorance, i have yet to find its* substitution
My saviour, from torment and heartache,
Becomes my distraction
Without a doubt, my mind it leads in dictation
and if it should ever forsake : You will have witnessed a heart's mutilation...[B.]