Sunday, 7 April 2013

What Goes Around...

I came and I saw and I felt and then cried.
And I tasted tears that were yours and not mine. I heard your voice echo my name through foreign streets, carried by a restless wind when I shut my eyes. "Clench fists and inhale", I repeated to myself, "When I exhale, sounds of you will be mute". No use. No Fcuking use! I screamed and I covered my ears to drown out the noise. Still, no use. And then I gave in. I brought my fists up to my face and stared at my wrists, unsteady and shaking, they were weak. I was weak. I sighed as I unclenched my fists and then ran barefoot into the direction of your voice not giving thought to the blisters on the soles of my feet. In this unknown territory, your voice was my comfort even though it was YOU who led me here. I could NO longer hear you. With an exhale of defeat, I raised my hands in the air and rested them on top of my head. I'm Lost. Because you misled me and then left me...And now I wonder if, in your longing, your pulse races at the sounds of my moans. - [B.]

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Liquid Courage

Liquid Courage. 
I'd Like to Drown Myself, with All My Emotions in This Glass of Stupidity. 
It Gives Me Comfort so I Smile. 
I Smile Like an Idiot because I Know that at the Bottom of This Glass is Your Phone Number and Your Voice on the Other End. 
It's Bitter Now, the Taste of it All. 
It Was Sweet Before and I Liked it. I Liked it SO Much that I Befriended it.
I Was Honest. Stupid and Honest and Pathetic in that Truth.
I was Tip toeing to the Edge of the Sea because I Feared the Wave of Emotions that Came with Finding Myself Alone in it All. It Pushed Me, Knowing I Couldn't Swim...
And There You'd Be. Enabling Me.
Just Watching Me Pour it Up and Pour Out.
Not Understanding Why I Needed the Courage. Liquid Courage.
I'm Too Much of a Coward to Tell You What My Heart is Screaming when I'm Not in The Sea.
I Want You to Save Me from it. But the Truth is I've Already Drowned. - [B.]