Monday, 29 September 2014


I Tasted Your Words when I Tasted Her Tongue.
Instead of Her Saliva, (Which I'd think, now, was to help my digestion), I Swallowed Your Pride.
That, in itself, was a hassle.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Rolling Stone [Excerpt]

I Found Faith in the Sanctity of His Brown against My Pale Divinity...
Found Home in the Silence Whispering Between the Sheets...

I've Been Homeless for a Month Now.

Something I Forgot to Share

It's my fault that I never Showed You how Beautiful you Are. 
And so it's my fault that you will never know the meaning in it's Honesty....
It's Quite ironic because I never knew the definition until I met You; Not of Beauty and not of Truth.

It May be selfish of me to ask, but, Forgive me for the things I never Did? 

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Ice Cream Man

God Knows I Long for You in Some Intricate Plot I've Been Constructing in My Mind, Carefully, Over the Last Two Years. Two Years Ago Today When I Lost My Sanity Because I Couldn't Control My Emotions. No. No, No, No. It Wasn't My Fault. 

It Wasn't My Fault because Like the Ice Cream Van Which Drives By My House on an Unbearably Hot Day While I Play in between the Sand and Sticks of My Mother's Front Yard, You Make Me Jump Over the Dismantled Fence, Despite the Fact that My Mother Said Not to, Despite the Fact that She Said I'd Hurt Myself Jumping that Broken Wire. I Jump the Fence and Rip My Shorts; the Introduction before the Climax, When My Thigh is Scarred by the Sharp Edges.

Never Mind that because as Much as it Burns, As Much as I Long for a Plaster, I Numb it With Determination because the Ice Cream Man Plays Such an Attractive Tune Through the Speakers of the Brightly Coloured Truck and Because Ultimately, that Soft Serve will Satisfy My Taste Buds and Relieve Me of This Intrusive Heat. You Give Me Anxiety and Offer Me Curiosity without the Satisfaction of Opening My Gift.

I Ran and Jumped, Every Hurdle, With All My Might and Still, I Missed the Ice Cream Van.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Tainted [an Excerpt]

....You Were the Steep Slope I Steadily Slid Down before The Weight of My Emotions Caught Up and I Gained Momentum .... All I Had to Do Was Dig My Heels Into the Ground and Free My Hands from Holding Onto The Weight Of Your Destruction. So Today I Did. I Did it Before I Crashed and Completely Shattered What Was Left of My Pride....

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Memoirs: Heart Matters [Infatuation]

It's Funny How My Memory Works, Remembering the Little Things Like When I First Met This Insane Character. How Intimidated I Was by Our First "Meeting". How My Jaw Was in Pain Because My Lips Kept Curving Up and Stretching The Sides of My Face. And How Awkward I Was After Every Encounter that Followed because before Me stood "understanding". Understanding Me because He Was Aggressive in his Understanding of Himself. I Didn't Even Understand Myself but here, it Literally Stood Before Me And at the Same Time, I Didn't UNDERSTAND him. What a MindFcuk. He Reassured Me that I Never Would [understand him] and I Believed Him then as I Do Now. I'll NEVER Meet Someone or Encounter SOMETHING as Odd and Insane. Demigod. It's Exhausting and It's Incredibly Intriguing...

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Seeking Solace

The Streets are You. The Air is You. The Languages Dripping Off Their Tongues are You....I'd Like to Forget, Like You. I'd Like to Run Away to a Foreign Place. Away From You....I Need to Get Away. And I'd Like to Find Myself in the Arms of a Stranger. A Handsome Man Whose Name I Don't Know, Whose Wife is Staring Down at Him Making Love to Me From a Frame on His Bedside. Just Staring At Us For Hours Until He Comes and I'm Satisfied at The Knowledge of Having Satisfied Him, If Not You....I'd Imagine Myself as One of the Women You'd Bed While My Fingerprints Lay Strewn Across Your Walls.... I'd Like to Walk Down Streets with Names I Can't Pronounce and Forget That God Ever Made Such Perfection When He Sketched You And Placed You Next To Me...Until You Left Me. I'd Like to Lay Between a Woman's Thighs And Taste Her Longing When She Digs Her Nails into Dirty Bed Sheets and Attempts to Muffle Her Cries Because She's Ashamed of Her Life and the Weakness Which is Him...I Want to Take Her Broken Because, I'd Imagine She Was Me and I Was You....