Thursday, 4 July 2013

Memoirs: Heart Matters [Infatuation]

It's Funny How My Memory Works, Remembering the Little Things Like When I First Met This Insane Character. How Intimidated I Was by Our First "Meeting". How My Jaw Was in Pain Because My Lips Kept Curving Up and Stretching The Sides of My Face. And How Awkward I Was After Every Encounter that Followed because before Me stood "understanding". Understanding Me because He Was Aggressive in his Understanding of Himself. I Didn't Even Understand Myself but here, it Literally Stood Before Me And at the Same Time, I Didn't UNDERSTAND him. What a MindFcuk. He Reassured Me that I Never Would [understand him] and I Believed Him then as I Do Now. I'll NEVER Meet Someone or Encounter SOMETHING as Odd and Insane. Demigod. It's Exhausting and It's Incredibly Intriguing...

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